The Safest Place To Buy On The Internet

The Safest Place To Buy On The Internet

Why are we the safest? is working to protect Buyers and Sellers.

We have been awarded the ability to offer an 18 month / or 18,000 mile power train warranty on your private seller car!

No other site can do this!

Either the seller or the buyer can purchase the warranty at the time of sale. It is accepted at any repair shop in the 48 states! Click on the warranty button to see the amazing coverage. Many sellers will opt to include the warranty in the sale of their car. I have been doing this for 10 years and it makes a big difference! Please note: Preexisting issues at the time of sale will not be covered.

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Jeff Whitaker

Tips for You!

Wonderfully, the majority of people that we have met over the last ten years in this Hobby or Business are straight up honest people.

There are 3 types of people that can burn you when purchasing a car on line. First is the Fool. A person that really is not an expert on the car he is selling. I have met many of these sellers and thats ok as long as he is telling you he is no expert. You can hire an inspection company to verify his beliefs or what he was told the car is.

The Second type of seller that can burn you is the Liar. Ive met plenty! Some dealers and some private sellers. If you suspect the individual you are dealing with is in this class, run like the wind!

The Third is the Scammer. These criminals will grab photos of someones car and throw them up on the internet for sale! Or, these same criminals will offer to buy your car. Typically a text message to your phone number provided in your ad. The first obvious thing to note is that they actually never mention the specific vehicle you have for sale. Just a message that they would like to buy your vehicle. Also a mention of why they cant contact you by phone. If you get a message like this simply reply back and ask which of your vehicles they are inquiring about? They dont know. They have a software program that simply grabs phone numbers from ads all over the internet and start texting to find an innocent sucker. Or just ignore these text messages. If a real buyer is looking at your ad, he will be asking the right kind of questions before he is telling you he wants to wire the money.

Oh, sellers, here is a safety tip for you. If you are selling a vehicle and a caller wants to come see your car, you have the option of meeting him at a local shopping center with plenty of people or having him come to your home. In either case I would ask them to send you a picture of their drivers license before coming. If they refuse, you are better off without them.