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Thank you for visiting the most advanced classic car site on the web.

After 10 years in the classic car business, we decided to open a selling website that incorporates all of the lessons we have learned in buying classics on the internet. Our lessons were painful and sometimes expensive.

No other selling site requires the things we do of Sellers. We require a picture of the clear title and a picture of the serial number on the car. Why? Because if they dont match, even by one number, a new duplicate title is needed to register your car. It is a hassle because the previous owner is the one that has to do that, if he will.

Why doesnt every website require this? They dont care. To them it is none of their business and cover themselves with a general disclaimer.

We do care and we have a disclaimer page listed right at the bottom of the Home Page in Red. We insist that you please read it before you purchase a car! Even though we may be the safest place to buy, we simply cannot guarantee your satisfaction.

However, we expect our percentage of satisfied buyers to be at the Very Top of the industry! With all our programs in place, inspection companies you can seek out, shipping assistance, and the availability of an exclusive 18 Month / 18,000 Mile power train warranty, we believe you will have a positive buying experience.

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Hope you enjoy and please come back!

Jeff Whitaker